Consultancy and coverage planning along Gas pipe lines in north coastal of Iran border.

Consultancy and nominal planning of 2100/3500 MHz sites in provincial cities.

Consultancy, TETRA and 4G site planning in Takhtjamshid, Ilam, Bandar Emam, and khark petrochemical complex.

Providing coverage by TETRA and 4G sites along water path in 4 neighbor provinces. (Water Organization)

Consultancy and 4G coverage planning of Asaluye individual economic zone and coastal border of Bushehr.

Providing LTE coverage for pilgrims by Balloon in Mehran & Khosravi borders.

Nominal Planning of Mobinnet network in provincial cities.

Consultancy and planning of WLL network in 5 provinces.

Planning of Tehran subway sites in lines 1,2 & 3

Consultancy and optimization of MCI mobile sites in Gilan & Markazi provinces.

Performing DT for Ericsson in R5 &6 of Irancell project.

DT for RVT/SSV/Re-homing/Re-farming & LAC splitting for E/// in IRC project.

Performing DT and BM for CRA.

Performing DT in southern provinces in quarterly City/Road test.