Experienced and trained staff of Pentacell by using famous and applicable field test equipment has marked us in a different level of delivery in comparison to other SPs.

Our DT and BM services include but not limited to:

Field test performing by SwissQual equipment

DT/BM performing by cell phones, Data card, Modems which supporting latest technologies and features such as CA, VoLTE and MIMO.

Utilizing SW/HW such as TEMS, NEMO and Echo

شرکت پنتا
شرکت پنتا

Delivered services for evaluation of coverage, capacity and user experience are listed as below:

Field test for benchmarking of operators

Quarterly City/Road drive test

RVT/SSV tests

General drive test for CC, sector swap and …

DT for Re-homing, Re-farming and LAC Splitting

شرکت پنتا شرکت پنتا